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Rapid growth of precision casting machinery industry profits
Author:admin      Publishing time:2015/8/10 9:23:06

According to reports, "15", "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the precision casting machinery industry of major economic indicators, the average annual growth in more than 30% higher than the average growth rate of the machine tool industry, in particular the faster profit growth, the average annual profit growth of up to 46%, while also maintaining a high level of market.
      In addition, the resin sand casting equipment, basically meet the domestic market demand, and to change the situation in the past mainly relied on imports; been able to produce a higher level of casting automatic production line to achieve the level of partial substitution of imports, car engine is part of the solution but also imports of rough castings of the cylinder and cylinder head; high level of core making machine, automatic the casting cleaning machine, automatic sand processor, large automatic die casting machines, and precision casting equipment, etc. casting machinery, domestic manufacturing basically can . It should be said that the precision casting machinery industry in the 10th Five-Year Plan "period has been greatly improved, and lay a good foundation for the further development of the Chinese foundry machinery industry in the future. (Electrical and Mechanical Business Network)

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